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adding a chatbox?

  1. how do you add a chatbox,without posting a link?

  2. Presentation -> Widget -> Meebo -> Save Changes

  3. WordPress is a website that doesn't allow that. Make a chat box on Blogger and like post a link to it.

  4. You just drag the little box with the word "Meebo" written on it into the Sidebar on the widget page. Also don't put your email on your blog like that. You see, spam robots will pick it up at start spamming you. This is what to do - just write:

    my name (at)

  5. pear24rulz, Meebo is some kind of a chat box...

  6. ya lol

  7. I sure hope someone deletes that Club Penguin spammer towards the top of the thread.

  8. I don't se any spammer?

  9. You don't see the completely irrelevant:
    tber123 Member March 16th, 2008 at 5:36 pm

  10. But apparently tber123 isa new child blogger and also the thread starter who provided us with his/her blog url in the second post? The two posts are made by the same person...

  11. Are they? I didn't notice; I'm just so used to people dropping their URLs in the thread and thought "hey, that doesn't answer the question". Ignore me, obviously I need more coffee.

  12. I like your style, raincoaster! :-D)))

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