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Adding a comment balloon/graphic to Misty theme

  1. I pretty much have my custom css done with the theme Misty. I would like (if possible) to put a little comment balloon to the left of where it shows if you have any comments in the post meta area. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it.

  2. I can't help with your comment balloon question.

    I just wanted to say that I also use the Misty Look theme and I like the way you expanded it. If it had two sidebars on the right hand side I'd go for it. :)

  3. thanks timethief, I did notice your blog yesterday and found it helpful. I love the misty theme, but I think on down the line I'll have to change to something that has a sidebar on each side, just because I have tons of info on my sidebars and I still have information to add, and I don't like the drop down menus for categories and such.

  4. I'm using Misty too and have just bought the upgrade. I looked at both your blogs and wonder:

    timethief...I like the button at the bottom of your posts from addthis, but from reading their site it seems to be a plugin? Are you still on the free WP?

    crysacraig...your blog's wonderful. How on earth did you do the solid line and book logo between posts?

    TIA...back to reading tutorials.

  5. I'm back. I added an addthis button to my sidebar and just found your thread, timethief, about the addition to posts. I was really hoping it was automatic. If we could only use Java then FeedFlare could do it. <sigh>

  6. @ellaella about the book divider. I made it myself. There was already a divider graphic in the template, all it was was a dotted line, I just made a solid line and used a book graphic I had kicking around. I just used Paint Shop.

  7. Thanks, crysacraig. You did a super job. I have so much to learn about CSS. Bit by bit.

  8. Web design. html, css is alot of trial and error. You just play around till you get it right.

  9. i agree with the comments above, your blog is beautiful! Sorry i can't help with the CSS :(

  10. What a coincidence, this is exactly what I wanted too (at least that's what i think I understood "comment/balloon graphic" to mean. I clicked on timethief's blog and saw the oversized graphic " and do not know how to incorporate it in my Misty Themed photography blog.

  11. @shimworld..timethief doesn't have any comment graphic. She has the Misty template too. I think maybe you mean the quote graphic to represent blockquotes??

  12. Yes, that one. How is that done?

  13. Just realised what I'm after is called a Blockquote and it's just a matter of clicking on the Indent/Blockquote button.

  14. unfortunately, the comment link doesn't have a class of its own. you can just put the image at the right of the post meta:

    #content .postmetadata {
    #F2F0F4 url( no-repeat scroll right

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