How do I add a contact form?

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    I have reviewed your tutorial on adding a Contact Form to my blog twice but I am having problems. I have added the Contact Form using Add a New Post. I have customized the form and clicked on Add the Form to my Post button. Then the box in the middle of the screen displays a single line with lots of text overwritten on itself. Then I can\’t find the Contact Form anywhere on my site or dashboard. I want to have the Form appear on my sidebar as a clickable option for my readers but I just seem to be doing something wrong. Help! Thanks!
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    I can’t find any post or page in your blog containing the Contact Form shortcodes.

    To create one and display it in the sidebar, please do the following:

    1. Add a new post or page and create the form in it.

    2. Copy all the contact form code (you don’t need to save the post or page)

    3. Go to Appearance>Widgets, drag a new Text widget to your sidebar and paste the code you copied on step 2


    Unfortunately the shortcodes for the Contact Form are overwritten on themselves and when I try to copy and paste only a portion of the shortcode is copied and pasted. This limited amount of shortcode is not enough to create a contact form. How do I get the shortcodes to write a single line per code instead of piling on top of each other. I have tried several times and each time the piling on occurs. Thank you.


    What browser and browser version are you using? That may be why you are having problems.

    I was able to create a contact form in a draft post for you called ‘Contact Form from Support’. I then copied and pasted that form into a Text Widget called ‘Contact Form from Support’.

    You can modify either one of those to suit you needs if you wish.


    I am using Internet Explorer 9.0. Not sure why I keep having a problem but I am not very techie so I was probably doing something wrong but I am not sure what. Thanks so much for creating the form for me. I really appreciate it.

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