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Adding a custom form?

  1. I added a custom form (generic, WordPress) to a webpage, but for some reason the EMAIL and NAME fields are PRE-POPULATED with MY name and email address. What? How and why is this, and how do I make those fields blank? I want the visitors to put THEIR info in there and NOT see all of mine where theirs belong.

    Help me someone, please? Here is the page I am trying to publish without pre-poulated fields:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is comment form available at the end of each post your WordPress blog and some blogs also have a contact form. After the form is completed and submitted, the name and e-mail address of the person making the comment will appear and remain visible to them. Why is that and who else can see it? If another person makes a comment are the details of person leaving a comment before them visible to them? uses cookies to keep track of commenters so if someone makes a comment on your blog, the next time they come to your blog, unless they have cleared their cookies, will recognize them and complete the details for them. No one else will be able to view those details in comment boxes or in contact forms. The next person who comments will see blank fields. Commenters will not see each other’s details.

  3. Log out and clear your browser cache and cookies, reboot you computer and view you blog without logging-in.
    clearing your browser cache and cookies >

    Also note that there is an Admin edit link on pages and posts that likewise cannot be seen by anyone except you when you are logged in.

  4. You are awesome. 'Nuff said!

    Thanks. -Tim

  5. Thanks so much for the compliment. You made me smile. :)

    P.S. Will you enter the top of theis thread and mark it as "resolved" please?

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