Adding a Custom Paypal Link – Easy as 1-2-3

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    I recently had a heck of a time trying to add a custom paypal donation link to my blog. I poured through the forum, and was finally able to figure it out by piecing things together with the topics on the subject, but I thought that I’d offer this to make the process as simple as possible. If this helps even one person from the hours of time and exasperation that I had, it will be a good thing! O.K., here goes:

    1. Make a folder where you will put your urls and codes for safekeeping.

    2. Make your custom paypal button. You can check mine out as an example. Now you must host it somewhere, whether it be WordPress, Flickr or Imageshack. Once you upload the image, copy the image address URL. Put it in the safekeeping folder.

    3. Go to Paypal. If you are not a registered user, you’ll have to set up an account before you can create a button.
    Once logged in, follow these instructions:
    A. Click on the “Merchant Services” tab
    B. In the box Merchant Services, click on Website Payments Standard
    C. Under the “Donate” button, click on “Accept Contributions”
    D. Scroll down to and click on “Get Donation Buttons”
    E. Create a donate button by filling in the details – Name, Currency, and for country, you can choose –-Choose a Country–
    F. Under “Choose Button Style” click on ‘Use your own button image’. This opens a “Button Image URL” box where you will enter the URL of your image location, which is in your safekeeping folder.
    G. Under “Button Encryption” choose “NO” so that you get the correct code.
    H. If you want to add more options before creating your button click on “Add more options” – Under Notes and special instructions, I chose “Yes” in the event that a donor wants to leave me a message.
    I. Click “Create Button Now”
    J. On the “Add a Donate button to your website” page your code appears in the second box entitled “Links for emails”. Select and copy the text. Put this text in your safekeeping folder for the time being.

    4. Go to your Blog – go to ‘Write Post’ – ‘Upload’ – ‘Browse’ – upload the image of your custom paypal button from your harddrive. The image will be displayed in the Upload box asking how to show it and if you want to link it. Show ‘Full size’ – Link to ‘None’. Send to Editor.

    5. In the “Post” section of the page you will see the image URL. Select and highlight the image URL text. Click on “Link”. In the open box add the Paypal “Links for emails” code. Now your image URL and paypal URL are linked together. Highlight and select all text. Click on “Code”. Select and copy the text. Put it in your safekeeping folder while we create the widget. At this point you can keep the ‘post’ as a draft or dispose of it, as you wish.

    6. Now to create the widget – Go to “Presentation – Widgets. In the “Sidebar” you will add a “text” widget in which to put the code. Drop and drag the widget into the sidebar.

    7. Open the text box and put the image/paypal code into the box. Save Changes and viola, you’re paypal button is on your blog!



    Actually it’s Easy as 1,2,3+Amendments A-J, 4,5,6,7 .. ha..ha But thanks very much for the insight!! It may come in handY!


    yeah, you’re right. but, my intention was to lay it out as simply as possible, with step-by-step instructions, which required 1-2-3 and A-B-C.



    Very nice!

    I was thinking about adding a PayPal link. This is definitely useful if I decide to do it. Thanks.


    quite welcome carocat!

    if anyone does use it, feedback is appreciated, just to make sure it’s all working right.



    Thanks for taking the time to write this up and share. :)


    most welcome, timethief!


    Yes, thanks. I’ve added the URL for this thread to my wordpress forum copy-and-paste file for future use.



    Thanks for this. I was knocked off my bike by a hit-run driver a couple of days ago and was thinking of asking for donations to help with some of the costs, so this will be extremely helpful.



    I’m clearly not as nice of a person as you. ;-)

    A while back, I went through what you wrote about… trying it multiple times, searching the forums and eventually figuring it out. I didn’t make up a wonderful post like you though. Thumbs up to you.

    I haven’t met you, but I bet I already like you!



    This was the best Instruction and Help I have been needing….. I have been trying to work it out!! And Now Ive finally added my OWN button… Im very excited about having it displayed on y Blog! Cheers for this, Your a Legend…..



    Thanks so much for the tip. It worked wonderfully.



    Wow. I’ll have to give this a shot. Thanks for the instructions!



    Thanks for the detailed instructions. I followed them step by step, and wound up with a donate button on my blog, but it is not a clickable link to anything. I had trouble with your step #5. I’m not sure which open box you mean when you write “in the open box”. There is a box with an “insert” button at the bottom. I pasted the “links for emails” code in that box and clicked insert.

    Next, I was confused (I’m very easily confused when it comes to computers) about which text to highlight and select. Was that my ‘links to emails” text? Oy. Thanks.



    Hi its me again. Fooling around some more with this I figured out that I click on the code tab, copy all that, and paste it into the text widget box, which I did, still to no avail. There was a few blank lines in the middle of the code for some reason, and I tried deleting the blank space, still I have just the image of the button on my blog, but it isn’t linked to anything. Anyone out there who can help?



    When you get it all set up the way you want it to look in the visual editor, and you’ve tested in Preview that the link works, click to the Code editor and copy all the code. Don’t try to clean up any spaces or anything. Use that code in your widget.



    When I go to the preview pane, the button doesn’t work. I tried doing all this on a different computer, thinking that something about my firewall is interfering, and I tried typing the code into the text widget box, in case something was getting lost in the copy and paste process. This is the code I have in my text widget.

    <img src=”” alt=”alms for the poor” />

    I feel very stupid and unlucky. Someone send me a doughnut!



    Hey! That is NOT the code I have in my widget. When I copied it into this “leave a reply” box it showed all the code, but what appears on this post is just the last line. Grrrrr.


    Paste the code here between backticks (`) the key just to the left of the #1 key on the north american keyboard and on the same key with the ~.


    Code will be stripped out unless you put it between backticks.

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