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Adding a description to WordPress Classic

  1. I love the WordPress Classic theme. I want to make only two small changes, the first of which is to add a blog description to the header. I don't know a lot about css, but I'm pretty good at cutting and pasting from one theme to another. I've tried to cut and paste this description to the WP Classic theme, but it's not working.

    .description {

    As I said, I like this theme a lot, but on the other hand, it's very important to me to add a short description. Can anyone give me some simple, easy to understand help?

  2. Does that place it somewhere screwed up on the page? Could you give us an example URL because your link off your username gives me an unknown address....


  3. Sorry, I realized after I sent the post that I hadn't given an address. The link to my blog is I've been trying to resolve this for several hours now. I thought it might help if I could save (upgrade) my theme changes, but that has not made any difference either. Anyway ... I want to add a blog description within the green header, underneath the "No, Water, No Moon" that says 'Studies in Zen." (Yes, the description I want is listed as a tagline under "Options.")

    It seems the WP Classic stylesheet simply will not accept the description I'm trying to add. I've tried placing the description code under "credits" in the upper part of the stylesheet, and under "header" in the lower part of the stylesheet. The stylesheet just won't accept the code. What to do?

  4. I was wondering about the URL since the one under your username didn't work.

    When you say it's not being accepted, do you mean it's being stripped when you enter it and save?

  5. No, it's not being stripped. The description code stays within the stylesheet. It just doesn't show up anywhere on the theme, either in a preview or when saved.

  6. Well you need to hard code the description into the index.php

  7. Okay. How do I do that?

  8. Someone please help me with this. I've put two posts on my blog The first post shows the WP Classic theme stylesheet with the description code inserted, per the earlier discussion. The second post shows the same stylesheet with my later attempt to insert an image as a header.

    The WP Classic theme says that this is a great theme for customizing ... Well, you sure couldn't prove it by me!

    I must be doing something wrong. I could definitely use some help.

  9. Never mind. I've decided to try something else.

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