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    I’m thinking about migrating my blog to a “proper” .com domain, but I couldn’t find an answer to my questions: what would happen to the links to my blog? Would they be automatically referred to the new domain?
    Plus, what about links to specific blog entries of mine? I link to my own blog entries within my blog frequently – would those addresses be automatically changed/referred or would I have to check the posts one by one?
    That is assuming that I can easily transfer my blog entries from the old to the new domain. I’m guessing that’s the case? Since I’ve been with wordpress since 2006, I don’t want to lose the content I created by changing domain, nor would I want to lose all the links to my blog (posts).
    I hope you can help me clear this up!


    The blog I need help with is


    To answer your questions…

    1. External links: If you have links anywhere in the web pointing to your url and if some users click the link, they will be pointed to your new domain address, which means people will be still reffered to your blog, yes.

    2. Internal links: Here the same, your links won´t be broken and there is no reason to go through all your articles to change the links because they will still work.

    Indeed, with a new domain you should link that one in the future, if you create internal or external links pointing to your site.

    But as said, the old links will still work because of the domain mapping, that works simply like a redirection. Basically, your old URL will still exist but it will forward traffic to the new adress.

    Note: The transition means that you might experience search engine traffic hickups for days or weeks. But it´s not that bad as it sounds. Google will realize fast that your blog and articles sit behind a new domain and your blog will recover soon. Also you will start with a lower pagerank on the new domain but you will get a portion back, it will just take some time. For me all that worked out well soon after the transition.



    Sorry that I didn’t get back to you earlier! Thank you so much for your quick and helpful reply!

    I think all my questions are answered now. :)

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