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    I’m considering purchasing a domain name through and mapping it to my site (also hosted at

    Will this new domain alter my RSS feed url or otherwise disrupt traffic? For example, when someone types in (my current URL), will they be directed to (what I may rename the url to)?

    I like the option, but I’d just like to know any potentially negative effects in terms of people’s bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc.


    The blog I need help with is


    All URLs to the existing blog will be automatically redirected to your new mapped domain including the RSS feed. You will want to update the URL for feeds in feed readers and such at some point, but as long as you have it mapped, they will redirect without issue.

    You might want to put a notice in a text widget in your sidebar telling everyone that you have a new domain name and ask that they update their bookmarks, but make sure and let them know that all the old URLs will redirect.

    The URLs that the search engines have will also redirect, and since it is shown as a 301 permanent redirect, the search engines will understand that and typically within 3 months, all that will show in searches will be your new URLs. Also, the search engines will move your page rank over to the new URL as well.

    It is best to change the domain name and such with the search engines and reverify your new domain name with them.

    Typically there can be a short period where your hits might go down a little, which I’ve never reallly understood.



    The reason we purchase domain mappiong is so our visitors will be seamlessly transferred between URLs.

    The Google Page Rank and Technorati authority and rank belong to the root blog ie. the original or blogspot sub-domain url for the blog.

    If you purchase a domain name and move the blog to another URL all the links will be broken unless you also purchase domain mapping so readers are seamlessly transferred between the URLs.

    The PageRank on the new blog on your domain will drop to 0/10. That can’t be avoided, however, in about 4 – 6 months time, all things considered you may be able to restore it.

    Please see here >



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