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Adding a "drop cap" (ie first letter of a post enlarged)

  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to add some CSS that will make the first letter of my blog posts automatically larger than the rest of the post? Grateful thanks for any help you can offer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Take a look at this which will get you started. After setting it up in the CSS, you have to add a span around the first letter of the first paragraph and specify the class you used for the drop cap definition in the CSS. I didn't put the http:// in the link below because if I do on an external link I am likely to get arrested by the spam cops here and held in the dungeon till some staff member has pity on me and lets me out.

  3. Here's a mini-tutorial I wrote on how to achieve this with inline CSS, it should be useful.

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