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Adding a Facebook Comments box on our blogs

  1. artlessonsforkids

    How can I add a FB comment box to my comment section? This is far more interactive than the traditional comment section plus it's more visible in social media.

    Can we add a comment box to our blogs? How?
    Blog url:

  2. When I look at your site, it seems that you already have comments enabled. If you want to use your Facebook or Twitter login to comment on a post, just click on the "Change" button where it says, "You are commenting using your account."

    This will give you the option to comment as a guest, or via your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

  3. artlessonsforkids

    Hi Evarlese

    How can I set it up so it's only via your Facebook account that you can comment? It's called a Facebook Social Comment box. You can see what I mean on this page.


  4. Unfortunately, that cannot be done at,

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