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Adding a Favicon?

  1. How do you add a Favicon in wordpress?

  2. Please give us a link to your blog so we can see how to help you.

  3. Dashboard - settings - upload blog picture on blogs.

    Visit This site has tremendous help resources for WP blogging.

  4. I tried that suggestion, but the favicon remains the same. It told me that it was my new (blavtar?). Something like that.

  5. If you need to know, my blog is

  6. I'm pretty sure it is not possible to add a favicon to blogs. You can easily add a favicon if you're hosting your blog yourself and using, however.

  7. my friends have a favicon icon...
    try uploading a picture titled favicon.ico
    dont forget the .ico!

  8. A favicon is called a blavatar at and it is possible to have one.

  9. um...
    i dunno how to do this but if you put your blog domain
    it shows an icon!!
    but i dont know how to change it :(

  10. Follow the instructions on the link ella just gave you.

  11. wow , this post is popular :D

  12. This explains how to do it. There's even a video:

    "A Blavatar is an image associated with a blog. It will be displayed as the favicon for your blog, which shows up in a browser’s address bar and on browser tabs."

  13. I guess this topic is resolved! Kristiehewlett has not confirmed it though, alas! Adding a favicon is so easy! It appears after some time though so some patience is needed (and in most cases you need to clear your cache). :)

  14. Whoblogger 555, as I said in the previous reply, it takes some time; clear your cache and wait for some ten minutes.

  15. Oh I was totally mistaken then; it is indeed possible to have a favicon on, so my apologies for previously stating otherwise. Good news! I'll try this out now. Thanks.

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