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Adding a Feedburner Feed into the RSS 1.0 Widget

  1. Hello,

    Is there any way that I can integrate a feedburner feed of my own links on the sidebar of my blog? The RSS 1.0 sidebar widget does not seem to want to accomplish this task, and there doesn't seem to be any way that I can integrate a bit of javascript into my webpage to display the feed links.


  2. This has been discussed before so please read the FAQ. You'll find that no javascript is allowed in these wordpress blogs for security reasons. As for your RSS sidebar widget goes it must be configured so be sure that you click on it, fill it in and "save".I hope that helps but if it doesn't you'll find more on RSS feeds in the FAQ. Happy hunting!

  3. I understand about filling out the RSS widget configuration, but the widget seems to have trouble with feedburner. It would be great if the there was a universal syndication widget that could recoginze all flavors of RSS and Atom. I will continue hunting.

  4. I know nothing about feeds. I wish I did. I just leave them alone as they came. I think in the Presentation it asked if I wanted two of them. I don't know if I need two. Maybe I do and just don't know it.

  5. dnsm: the feed you are trying to syndicate has an error according to FeedBurner:

    It's definitely not the widget's fault :)

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