Adding a Forum Plug-in To Custom Community Theme

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    I’m considering adding a Forum to my site, based on the Custom Community theme.

    Has anyone tried any from the list of available plug-ins? If so, what are you comments.

    And yes, I tried the one that’s included on Dashboard, and it’s ummmm….well….really hard on the eyes, and bad with form, flow, and function, so I want something different. More like a vBulletin theme if possible.

    Any help would be great! Thx,
    Chris at wolftracker dot ca


    We cannot add either themes or forums here at There are several sites out there that host forums for free online and you could set one of those up and then link to it from your site here.


    Member is not a WordPress.COM site

    If you had a forum plug-in in your dashboard then you have a WordPress.ORG install and need to go over there for support – your software is very different than ours here



    This keeps getting curiouser and curiouser…….

    I went to ThemeKraft also, still looking around.
    Thx for the replies.



    Don’t look around. It won’t do you any good.


    A note about forums: They are the biggest spammer magnet in the entire universe. Spammers can smell a forum from billions of lightyears away and they will cause you tons and tons of grief and work. I help manage the backend on a site with a forum and it gets sometimes 5,000 spams a day. On a slow day, 1,500. That is a lot of work. I block 10-20 IP addresses a day from spammers and never really make a dent in things.

    Just sayin’



    Good to know also, cheers. You would think the Forum software would block this. Also, don’t they need to sign up first?
    A simple questionnaire form on sign-up would stop bots.


    They have scripts that sign up and then respond by clicking on the link in the emails from what I can tell, or they have live bodies that sign up and then turn the scripts loose to spam. The software catches the bulk of the spams, but you still have to scan through them to make sure it hasn’t caught some legitimate posts and with even 500 per day, that takes a lot of time.

    We kill approximately 50 fake registrations each day.



    We’ve thought that for the seven years I’ve been here. They have one. Look around: see how well it works.


    Don’t bet on a simple questionnaire stopping bots. They scan them, and then create a script to deal with the questionnaire.



    And if you have the random number/figure generator, then they use humans to circumvent that?

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