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adding a FREE background to a theme on word press

  1. You're not a pain, Explorer is a pain... There was difficulty communicating because we were checking your blog with different browsers (more decent ones!), so we couldn't see what you were describing.

  2. enrichingmomentsphotography

    well thanks for trying, sorry not to mention the explorer part.

    tobad wordpress does not offer backgrounds for free... i mean even freewebs does.. but they have adds that are in the way.

  3. [rant]

    MS is so stupid. There are so many web standards that they simply decide they are not going to support, and that really screws things up.

    My vote as a web developer is to design to the web standards as set by all the standards organizations and just tell MS to either get on board or get out of the browser business all together. They are nothing but a headache.


    As far as I know though, the text widget trick with the background works fine with IE. It might just be that with Mistylook it does not.

    Opera has come a long way, but they are still an issue with some things, and with their very low browser share, I simply don't worry too much about them.

    If you are using Windows 98, then you are on IE6, which is over 9 years old, and the web has simply left it behind - not to mention that it is a very high security risk. Get Firefox, or some other browser.

  4. enrichingmomentsphotography

    I will look into it. I am done for right now....

  5. @TSP and Panos
    Firefox 3 does not work on Windows 98. This is because it requires some operating system features that are not present in Windows 98. The system requirements only work for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

  6. They can use FF 2.something, which does work with 98, but soon it will be getting left behind as well. I'm not sure if there are any current issues with FF 2 and wordpress, but I would suggest making the switch anyway.

    The thing is, they need to update to XP if they can - and can find a copy of it to buy somewhere. 98 within a year is going to be pretty much worthless when it comes to the web and such.

  7. @TSP
    On upgrading the windows 98 OS ASAP - Agreed 100%
    I found a source for Firefox 2
    The original release and installation instructions are here

  8. enrichingmomentsphotography

    sorry i have windows xp Not 98.

    so then I should get firefox? since i do have xp?

  9. That's good news. Here's the link to the release notes & installation instructions
    Here's the download link for Firefox 3.5.6

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