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    I had a article published by a magazine. The magazine decided to shut down its electronic free archive of full text articles and provide only free access to its latest magazine issue. (They did not plan this one carefully, because they have semi-closed off community building for their brand. But this another story.) Hence, the link to my magazine article no longer exists. Meanwhile I can see that people have been googling for info. about the equipment and health care program that I wrote on.

    So with their permission for copyright, I scanned only the article that I wrote. (My name is published as author.) It has the journal title, issue and publication date for full credit to original publisher.

    So to create a link from my blog, it appears I have to create another Page, then insert the article, make it visible on the Page and make the hypertext links. Is that correct? I cannot shrink this article otherwise it is rendered illegible.

    The blog I need help with is


    You don’t need a new page. You can go to Media > Add New, upload the file, and copy the URL you’ll get.



    Sorry, this is what I mean for the blog article where I have the hypertext link embedded:

    The Momentum (now non-functional URL) article link would be replaced with an article to the scanned article that I wrote.

    Based on your instructions, it is for a different scenario.
    So I need a clearer solution.


    With a jpg, all you need to do is to upload it just like you would any other image, insert it into the post, but before inserting it, link it to the original full-sized image of the article. That way when someone clicks on the image, they will get the full-sized image (assuming it is wider than is allowed in the post area of the theme you are using). Also, for text, I would recommend using PNG instead of JPG. The text will come out much more clearly.

    For the PDF (assuming you want it to actually appear in the post or page) you need to use the SCRIBD service. You upload the PDF to their service and then put the code they give you into your post or page.

    The frame that the article will appear in in your post or page will be the maximum width allowed for the theme you are using, and their are buttons that allow you to scroll or make it larger for easier reading.



    I hate to tell you this, but it’s better (FAR BETTER) to type it all out. Definitely include the PDF either as a downloadable file or a Scribd doc, but neither Scribd PDFs nor downloadable PDFs nor JPGs are searchable by google for content. That means if the article is about brindleflies, unless the title of the file includes “brindleflies” it doesn’t matter how many times the word is in the text; search engines cannot see it.


    Oh, way good point raincoaster. Hadn’t thought of that. That is why you get the big bucks.






    Ok, I will try the Scribd.
    No, I won’t be retyping the whole article simply because other people would need to see the article in its hard copy published form to verify document authenticity that actually the gem was published in a magazine.

    I agree on the point about Google search indexing and searchability but fortunately the addendum blog post has the same key words of due bike, wheelchair bike to pull up the reference to the magazine article.

    But this is all useful info. for the future.

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