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    Hi I am new to WordPress and trying to test out options
    I am trying to add a gallery and have followed all the guidance by opening a new post, saving it and then trying to click the add media button but it just doesn’t seem to open the next screen option
    I thought it might be because I had zemanta activated but it still doesn’t work now I’ve turned that off

    The blog I need help with is



    What browser and version are you using? IE9 is a problem, especially in Compatibility mode. Disable that if you can.



    Thanks Raincoaster . Not quite sure what you mean ? I am trying to do things off my iPad through safari?
    Is that a problem do you think? It’s worked so far for everything else?



    To be clear, you are posting via the New Post Editor in your site’s Dashboard and not in the iOS app?



    Yes I was going in through the .com site and new post

    However, I have also subsequently downloaded the app and same problem seems to exist – the little camera icon just doesn’t seem to work?



    I know that there have been issues with Safari in the past, but do not know whether that is the case today. Regardless, if you are having trouble with the Dashboard, try logging out, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, closing the browser and then logging back in.

    When you say

    but it just doesn’t seem to open the next screen option

    , are you able to upload the media? If so, clicking on the “Save All Changes” button after the images upload makes the Gallery tab appear.

    Why the iOS app isn’t working, you should check in the iOS forum.



    Ok thanks I will need to check the guidance on the IOS apps forum I think

    Ok now seem to be able to upload multiple photos by saying open in Safari but still the option to upload a gallery eludes me and I’ve tried using the save all changes options

    I may also give it all a go on my pc and see if that makes a difference

    Thanks for trying to help



    When you upload multiple photos at one time to a post or page, the Image Uploader will give you the option of inserting a Gallery after you click the “Save all changes” button. There’s no special option to upload a gallery.



    Ok thanks Jennifer
    I have just been looking at all this on my pc for the first time and it is very different!all sorts of menus I can’t access off my iPad and guess what? I can now upload a gallery- hurrah! Problem is I really wanted to use this whilst on my travels and thought iPad would be easiest!
    I need to study the iPad tutorials etc and see what else I can find out meantime at least I feel like, I’ve made progress
    Thanks ever so much for your help

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