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Adding a "home" button

  1. Hey,

    I want to add a "news" button that will take me back to the main page,
    It should be easy, but from some reason it isn't...
    I can only add pages with content, not buttons that take me to pages...
    I even tried HTML redirect and tricks like JavaScript href.location="" , but there must be a better way.

    How can it be done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. drorl,
    Please provide a link to your blog so we can take a look, starting with http://

  3. hey,

    here it is:
    I want that when pressed on the "news" button in the menu, it will take you back to:


  4. @drorl: It can be done, but in the theme you're using it won't look ok (for details see
    here). So write a normal link in a text widget instead.

  5. Sounds good,
    But where do I find this text-widget menu option?

  6. Appearance > Widgets > Text > Add > Edit > paste content > Save Changes.

    The code model for the link you want is this:
    <a href="BLOG_URL_HERE">NAME_HERE</a>

    Note (so that you want be unnecessarily alarmed): when you add a widget, the default sidebar items of the theme are cancelled. If you want other things in the sidebar apart from the home link you'll create, you just keep on adding the relevant widgets (e.g. Categories).

  7. hmm but that will put the widgets on the right side, instead of top side, right?

  8. Yes, it will. You do know that clicking on the title of your blog brings you (or your readers) back to your home page? Your home page is

    In many themes there is a "home" or "posts" tab built into the top of the blog.
    In some themes you can use links in the tabs at the top: links to external sites or links pages on the blog itself (like a categories page). Check out panos' post about page tabs as external links:

  9. I believe you should have a CSS upgrade and some degree of coding chop to be able to do that.

  10. Notice that the tab as external link on Ocean Mist looks very odd.

  11. babaliciou5
    Sorry, I don't know what you mean? It's just simple html links.

  12. @Tess
    Sorry, I was responding to drols's latest reply '...instead of top side, right?', not yours -- mea culpa.

  13. Oh, right. Or he could just switch to a theme with top navigation already.

  14. @babaliciou5: You can create a header tab with plain html. You use a text widget and the "position-absolute" command. If you or drorl are interested, I can make one and paste the exact code here.

  15. Thanks, just switched the theme eventually.

  16. @Panos
    Yes, please? I'd really like to know.

  17. panos,
    I'd like it too. I tried to make it work, but no go.

  18. The general code for placing an item in a fixed position is this:
    <div style="top:OFFSET_NUMBER_HEREpx;left:OFFSET_NUMBER_HEREpx;position:absolute;">ITEM_HERE</div>
    The rest depends on the item and the theme. Here's a specimen I worked out for the OP's Ocean Mist:
    <div style="font-family:tahoma;letter-spacing:.07em;background-color:#526A74;top:150px;left:326px;position:absolute;padding:6px;"><a href="BLOG_URL_HERE"><span style="color:#F3F3F3;"><strong>Home</strong></span></a></div>
    (So far I cannot figure out how to fix the baseline instead of the topline of the text, so I cheated a little: fixed the tab in the upper corner of the header.)

  19. Be careful when using the <div> method. Different browsers count the top and left offsets differently. If you look at the widget with Safari/Firefox/Opera (all on Mac OS X), you see the home <div> in different places in the header. I was hoping to make Ocean Mist work, but I may need to switch to a different theme.

  20. Just add a link to your menu... I can use other words to say...

  21. cardswiki

    The site linked to your blog is not a blog.

    The poster(s) want a home tab link on top of the Ocean Mist theme, not in the sidebar.

  22. @wagneripsa: You're right, thanks! I worked out the above hastily, and it's not correct. Try the following please and let me know (it's ok in both Safari and Firefox, but I don't have Opera):

    <div align="center" style="width:100%;top:149px;left:0;position:absolute;">
    <div style="width:702px;">
    <table border="0" align="left">
    <td style="background-color:#526A74;padding:6px;">
    <a href="BLOG_URL_HERE"><span style="color:#f3f3f3;"><h4>Home</h4></span></a>

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