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    How can I add a language translator widget to mysidebar, I’m using the twnty ten theme!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    We cannot use JavaScript widgets like Google translate on free hosted blogs, but there is a widget we can use and we can create a translations page if we wish. See here > Translation widget for blogs


    Hi timethief:
    Thanks, but I had already came across this translator before you had replied!

    Although, you might be able offer me a solution for another problem I’m having.

    I’m trying to locate a twitter counter to display my twitter follower’s in my widget sidebar, but after hours of searching google and numerous websites, I sadly had no luck, So im just wondering if you may know of any resources/websites or codes to use!

    Any feedback will be appreciated!



    Have you installed the Twitter like box widgt found here ? Appearance > Widgets



    I just clicked into your blog and you have an issue there that you need to address. You are spamdexing ie. You are using too many categories or tags.

    We assign the minimum combined total of relevant categories and tags to any post that accurately reflects the content in it.
    global tags > missing posts



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