Adding a “link” in the top menu on my frontpage, how?

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    I want to edit the “menu” links I have on my front page. I have a custom header picture, and I use “Cutline” as theme. I have two “links” in my top menu now – “Forside” and “About me”. But I need a third “link”.

    When I add a new page, the page just appears under the “About me” toplink. It does not appear as en extra link in the top menu.

    My question is: How do I add a third “link/page” to my top menu??

    The blog I need help with is


    Actually, your topic threw me. Can you put up a sample so we can see it?



    Sorry for my English, but what do you mean with “a sample”? A screendump of something or?

    And thank you very much for your help. Checking out the link you provided now. :)


    No, publish a page so that I can look at it on your blog.



    I don’t think that the link you provided is what I’m looking for. I just want to add an extra page tab, and when you click the tab, I just want it to open a new page, still inside my blog at

    Do I make any sense? :)



    Oh, ok. I will publish a page called “thesacredpath”. Two minutes… :)


    I need you to publish a page so that I can look at your blog and see what is happening.



    This happens when I add a new page, without it being a subpage, and I hit the “preview” button:


    That is a preview page from your dashboard. I can’t view that. You have to PUBLISH the page for me to be able to see it.



    What??? Well, problem solved. When I choose to PUBLISH the page, the page tab appears. But that doesnt happen when I first hit the preview button!!!! Cr*p! That sucks!

    But hey, problem fixed. :)


    It won’t show when you preview. The preview is just that. The page will only show up after you publish the page. Before you publish it, it is just a draft. Drafts do not show on the blog.



    Now, but when I hit the preview button, and the preview page comes up, I thought that the preview page would show the new page tab. My mistake… But, thank you very much for helping me out!! :) I’ve spend hours and hours and hours trying on my own, before posting here, so this is just greeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! :)



    But I actually have one more question. Now, I’ve created a page called “Om min blog”. And when you hit the page tab, the new page comes up

    The page tab is named “Om min blog” and the headliner on the subpage is ALSO called “Om min blog”. Can’t I change the headliner to something else without changing the title of the page tab?


    No, the title of the page will always be reflected at the top of the page. If you change the page title in the editor, the page title on the page will change as well. You can change the last bit on the URL, but you cannot have a different heading on the page itself.



    Ok. Well, thank you so much for your help! :)


    You’re welcome.

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