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Adding a link to an outside website

  1. I'm using the default twenty what ever its called theme. My main menu is a custom menu, and it works fine for linking to pages in my blog. However, I would like it to link to an external webside instead of to a page in my blog. In the main menu is a link called Pornography. If I mouse over that, I get a link called Combating Pornography which currently goes to a page in my blog, and that page links to the external website. I would like Combating Pornography to go directly to the external site to save one step in the navigation process. The blog is at if you want to look at it. In fact, I might want Pornography to go directly to the external site.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can add a link to any external site to a custom menu.

    Go to your menu management in Appearance > Menus, then look on the left side of the panel for the control labeled "Custom Links." Put the full URL to the linked site in the blank and give the menu entry a name, then click "Add to Menu."

    You can then drag it around the menu just as you would a page or category link in the menu.

  3. Works great, thanks!! It was there all the time, and I didn't see it....

  4. Problem with this approach is that the link is opened in the same page of my blog. How to open it in different page?

  5. Put it in a text widget instead and set it that way.

  6. The text widget is in the widget section, not in the menu section that there is no way to me to dropdown it into the "menu structure"
    How to?


  7. There is no way to do that. You have to make a choice.

  8. Thnx rain

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