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    I am trying to add a button to my LinkedIn profile to the top of my homepage, the but theme only allows for Facebook, Twitter, and an RSS feed. Is there anyway to add a LinkedIn button?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can put it in a Text Widget and, if you know enough about CSS and have the paid upgrade, you should be able to get to display it where you want.



    I do have the paid upgrade and I am slowly learning how to use CSS, so I will try to play around with it but I may need some more help! Thank you for the tip though!


    In order to do this, you would need to upload an image matching the style of the ones already used for the social icons in the header of the Splendio theme. Here is an example:

    Then you would need to add HTML to a text widget that matches the existing HTML for the current icons, except with LinkedIn details:

    <li style="opacity: 1; ">
    <a class="twitter-link" href="!/bridgeadvantage" title="Twitter"><span>Twitter</span></a>

    You would also want to add CSS to pull in the background image. Here’s an example, you would need to use a full URL for the url() value.

    #header-auxiliary .syndicate li a.twitter-link {
        background: url(images/syn-twitter-ico.png) no-repeat left top;

    Then you would need to add CSS to move the text widget contents up into the right place–which can be accomplished using absolute positioning.

    This isn’t really a simple task given the constraints on combined with how this particular theme was designed, but it’s doable with some work.


    Could you give us an example of the CSS for absolute positioning? I think we’re almost there…


    I’m helping Anna with this. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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