Adding a list of posts with a specific tag to a page/post

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    I’m looking to include a list of posts with a specific tag. Not as a widget, but in a post or page.

    My blog is located here: or

    I’ve tried the [display-posts] shortcode, but that doesn’t seem to work and the [archives] shortcode doesn’t have the option to filter by tag.

    Could you help out?


    The blog I need help with is


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    There is no automatic way to do that, but you can use copy paste to get it set up and then add new tags as you add them.

    Display a tags widget in your sidebar, keeping in mind that unlike category widget, it is limited to 45 (44??) of the most used tags.

    Use your browser to view the source code of your blog. Look for the list of your tags. You can use the “find” feature of the browser to help locate the list.

    Copy the whole list from <ul> to </ul
    There will be list items between li tags.

    Edit or make your tag page: paste the code into the html editor. save. preview.

    If you add more tags you want to display on the page, then you’ll have to repeat the copy-paste process.

    Note that the already copy-pasted tags will update with new posts as you continue to use that tag.



    Hi 1tess,

    I’m not sure I understand. Actually I do understand that with the process above I’ll getting a page with all tags (well… limited to 44 or 45).

    But what I actually wanted was a page with all posts for one tag. Or actually just links to the posts, not the entire posts themselves.

    But I’m assuming that’s not possible either, right? If so, I’ll just keep updating the page for every post I add.

    Would be nice though to have a tags attribute as part of the [archives] shortcode and have the archive displayed filter on the tags specified.



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    Oh, I’m sorry. I misread what you wanted to do. Now I understand, I don’t know how to help. :((


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    It just occurred to me that there are some themes which display only titles of older posts on category and archive pages. (tag pages as well)

    You could temporarily change to one of those themes for a few minutes, select the tag you want a list of post for, and a page will come up with a list of titles for that tag.

    Use the browser “find” feature to locate the code you need, then copy and paste as I described above. I tested switching from Twenty Eleven to Neutra and copied all the div codes for the list of posts. Paste it into your tag pageā€¦

    Themes which show titles in cats, tags, archives:

    Then switch back to Twenty Eleven and make sure your widgets etc are the way you want.



    I would like to do this, too — to make a page that displays all my posts with a certain tag. I wish they would make an archive shortcode to do that!


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