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Adding a Logo

  1. Hi WP,

    I am in the process of selecting a logo for my business and would like to know how to incorporate it on the site? Thanks,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm doing the same thing but I would like the logo to have some animation, will WordPress support a logo like that? Thanks, Monaleasaa

  3. @beamthemup: Depends on the theme, on where exactly you want the logo to show up, and on whether you have the paid Custom Design upgrade or not.

    @monaleasaa: Needs to be an animated GIF inserted in real size.

  4. I'm not sure what that is, but where the logo is a simple design. Where would i get one created or where could I learn how to create one? Thanks,

  5. @justpi, I like 2 logos one appears under the name and the other is to the left of the name. Currently I do not have the Custom Design Upgrade.

  6. @monaleasaa: GIF is an image format that supports animation. You can google for ready-made ones, or you can create a series of regular PNGs or JPGs yourself and google for an online animated GIF generator. As I already pointed out, the image must be in the pixel dimensions you really need: animated GIFs lose the animation if downsized.

    a) For an image below the blog title you can upload a (full-width) header image in Appearance > Header. Pixel dimensions: 938×150.
    b) For an image next to the title, the only thing you can do is modify the original bg image of the theme:
    You'll have to copy it to your computer, use an image editing application to add your logo to it, then upload it in Appearance > Background (selecting center, no-repeat, fixed).

  7. @justpi: thanks so much for this info I will give it a go.

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