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    Is it possible to add a logo to all themes? If so, how? I am searching for the right theme to start a business website and don’t want to waste time looking at themes that can’t incorporate my logo. Many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    A logo is just and image. Where do you want this logo ie. an image to appear? Many of the over 150 themes have custom headers if that’s the spot you are aiming for.



    I don’t know how many themes have a logo option. However, there are other ways to work around that if you don’t mind doing some tinkering. You may be able to do it by creating a custom header, which you can add in at least some of the themes. However, how well that works will depend on what you want your blog to look like. I’m using the Bueno theme with a custom patterned background, and I just wanted my logo over the background, which was impossible to do in a header.

    However, I accomplished what I wanted to do by adjusting the CSS. (You have to pay for the Custom Design upgrade to do that.) I uploaded a GIF of my logo to my media library. Then with CSS I made my site title transparent and added a link to my logo GIF in the site title’s background. So essentially, my logo is underneath my default WordPress site title, but since I made the site title transparent you only see my logo. It did take some experimentation with different settings to get it to display properly, so this is a solution which is probably best for people who already have some experience with CSS or who don’t mind spending time learning how to use it. What I haven’t figured out how to do, though, is how to link that logo to my website’s home page. The site title automatically links to your blog’s home page, and the few things I’ve tried to do to change it haven’t worked. That’s likely something that can only be changed through the HTML code, which you can’t do on Of course, if you’re using your WordPress blog as your whole website, then that won’t matter to you.

    If you’d like to compare the changes I made to my blog with the regular Bueno theme, my blog is at . Good luck!

    ~ Karen Joslin



    Thanks to both of you for you response.

    A few q’s…

    With the custom headers, my understanding is that they are usually a sort of wide window that runs along the top of the page. If I uploaded a logo image to this, wouldn’t the logo look enlarged and fill the entire window? Or are there different ways to “customize” the size/position of headers?

    For placement, I am envisioning a smaller size logo next to or near the title of whatever theme I choose. Are there custom headers that would accomadate this sort of look or would I need to use CSS? If I go the CSS route (with help of someone who knows how to use it) is it pretty flexible to put logos in the size and placement you want?

    Thanks again,



    To put a logo by the title, would require CSS and that can be done on virtually any theme here, and I help with CSS stuff, and staff also provides support for CSS, so we can get you where you want to be.



    Thank you–that’s great to know!

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