adding a netwibes app to my blog

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    I’m looking for a way to add this somewhere to my blog :
    “<script type=”text/javascript”>
    var UWA = {hosts:{“uwa”:””,”exposition”:””}}, UWA_ASYNC = UWA_ASYNC || [];
    UWA_ASYNC.push({url: “”,options:{“title”:”calvin and hobbes picture of the day”,”height”:”160″,”data”:{“width”:””,”height”:””,”flashvars”:””},”buildHeader”:true,”displayHeader”:false}});
    (function () {
    var a = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”), b = a[a.length – 1] || document.body.lastChild, c = b.parentNode, d = document.createElement(“script”), e = document.createElement(“div”); = “UWA_ASYNC”; d.type = “text/javascript”; d.async = true;
    d.src = (“https:” == document.location.protocol ? “https://” : “http://”) + UWA.hosts.uwa.split(“://”)[1] + “/lib/c/UWA/js/UWA_Embedded.js?v=preview4”;
    c.insertBefore(d, b); c.insertBefore(e, b)
    it should enable viewers to have calvin and hobbes picture of the day.
    and it comes from here :

    I can’t manage it.
    is it because I’m not supposed to do this, or because I do it the wrong way ?
    if you could please help me to sort this out,
    thank you very much in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    The software is stripping the code out and will continue to do so. We can’t use JavaScript for security reasons.


    thank you for your answer. I understand the security reasons.
    is there a way, that I do it with a different code, so that every time I open the blog, it looks for the calvin and hobbes picture of the day on their home page and put it on my page?
    thank you very much !

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