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Adding a New Author or Hiding the Author

  1. I have two authors working on my site but I am the admin. Is there a way to add an author? I saw a place to add a user but I can't find it now and it looked like the user has to have a wordpress blog or be in the WP community. If I can't add an author, can I hide the author using CSS in the REGULUS theme?

  2. of course you can have an author silly,

    dashboard > users > click on the users you want to be an author > goto the drop down menu that says "change role to" > click on change

    bada bing bada boom and...uh...bada-your done :)

    BUT remember, when you first invite a writer for your blog, they are added as a contributor by default so you have to go in and change their role to and author


  3. The person is not a user yet. Do they have to have a wp blog? they don't.

  4. No they don't have to have a blog but they do have to have an account. Please review the FAQ on adding contributors

  5. Can you tell me where that is? It is alwas more effective to give a link. I don't see it in the support pages.

  6. Oops. found it. Thanks, This worked.

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