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    I´d like to know whether it is possible to add a new sidebar listing, right after the one that´s already there (which bears the title: “Papers on Psychoanalysis”). It should be called, e.g. “Papers on Psychoanalysis and Music” and display the links to the corresponding pages (after which the remaining sidebar listings should appear, i. e. “Related Journals”, etc.)
    Thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is



    You can do this in three different ways:
    a) Add a second Pages widget, then exclude the PPM pages from showing in the first widget and exclude the PP pages from showing in the second widget.
    b) Create two custom menus (one that lists the PP pages and one that lists the PPM pages), then remove the Pages widget and add two Custom Menu widgets instead (one for each menu).
    c) Create links to all your pages in Links > Add New, filing them under a PP or PPM link category, then remove the Pages widget and add two Links widgets instead (one for each link category).

    Method b is easier. For details see this post of mine:

    You understand that no matter what method you use, you’ll have to update things manually each time you create a new page (while a Pages widget that displays all your pages updates automatically).

    Also, in my opinion your sidebar list is already too long. So another possibility would be to remove all the page links from the sidebar and create an Index page instead.


    Dear justpi, thank you for your reply. I have attempted to manage method # a, only I don´t know where to start from (in the Dashboard-Appearance-Widgets page you first have a huge list at the left as “available widgets” starting with “” and so on, should I start from there? and then “inactive widgets”. On the right, I´ve got “Main sidebar” which is the one I have been currently using. Then comes “showcase sidebar” where Ihave dragged “pages: book reviews” excluding all the papers that are not (my intention was to exclude them from the list of papers, and display them in a second listing with that title), but this doesn´t show up when I open my blog.
    Re your comment about the sidebar list being too long, this is certainly not a problem from my point of view, as it merely shows my papers (the length is not bad, I could even add!), only I would expect to separate the book comments which do not actually belong to the “papers” list. Afterwards, I still would like to add the PPM papers which I haven´t even posted yet.
    Again, thank you very much!!!



    The showcase template shows up only on the special Showcase template page of the theme (which you’re not using). So all your sidebar widgets should be put in the Main sidebar.

    Since you already have many pages, and are going to publish even more, method #a is the worst: each time you publish a new page that should show up in Pages widget A, you’ll have to find the page ID number and go type it in the Exclude field of Pages widget B. You should try method #b.


    Thank you dear justpi.
    In order to follow your advice, I´d need to know where to start, i.e. how to create custom menus (I already clicked on the “menus” tag in the dashboard, but there I only find “your theme supports 1 menu” and I do not understand what to do). It should be clear, however, that I wish to keep the list of papers on psa, book reviews, papers on psa and music in that order and only in the sidebar, not in the black bar menu that appears right below the header image, where only “home” and “about roberto neuburger” should remain.
    Please excuse my clumsiness…
    And thanks again!



    Try a search through the Support docs they usually have those answers.



    In my first reply above I gave you the link to my post on menus:
    I think it explains everything.


    Thank you dear justpi. I followed your “method b” instructions. It looks quite good now.
    All the best,

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