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Adding a new page to the sidebar

  1. There are different widget lists in my sidebar. I´d like to add a new page to the first list ("Papers on Psychoanalysis") and, unfortunately, am unable to do so. I cannot find the way to add the new page to this widget lsit. I would be grateful for your indications.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Auto-updating widgets display cached data entered elsewhere not entered into the widgets themselves. Every time you publish a new post it will be automatically displayed by the Recent Posts widget. See below for the link to the the guide for the Recent Posts (not pages) widget and note the maximum number that can be displayed is 50 permalinked post titles.

  3. Thank you timethief. Does this mean I must set it as a Post in order to add the new page to the corresponding page list? (i.e. "Papers on Psychoanalysis") If this is all, I´ll promptly do so (the other way, establishing custom menu widget seems more complicated).

  4. If you're writing it as a Page and not a Post, then use the Pages widget. If you're using Posts, then use the Recent Posts widget. If it's a post and you want it always to be linked from the front page, use a text widget and just put the link in by hand. I have one on my blog called "Best of Raincoaster" and you can see how it works. All of those posts are several years old, but they get steady traffic from the widget.

  5. Your first list of links is a Custom Menu widget. You need to go to Appearance > Menus and add the new page to the respective menu.

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