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Adding a newsletter script in CSS

  1. hi all
    I'm using the MistlyLook theme and I have purchased the css modification widget. Now I want to add a newsletter script in it, but I don't know where. I have tried in different places and it doesn't work.
    can you help please ?

  2. Are you sure you understand what the CSS Upgrade can do and what it can not do?
    You cannot edit any HTML or add any more scripts with CSS than you can do without CSS.
    What exactly are you trying to add?

  3. I'm sorry I'm not a english native speaker. I wish to add a newsletter script like this :
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    but I'm afraid it's not possible.

  4. That is correct, it is not possible to add scripts on With CSS you can change the style and look of your blog, but you cannot edit HTML or add scripts.

  5. ok, thanks for replying.

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