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    I’m trying to change the wordpress-domain ( into our own domain name ( When I click “Add a domain” from the control panel, I get a message that says “Someone (maybe you?) already registered, but the domain is not pointing to”. I do own the domain, and did contact my registrar for help. They said I need to have wordpress activate some domains. It’s a rule for .no domains.

    Maybe we have to upgrade to pro to be able to use our domain?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    HI there,

    Domain names ending with extensions from countries outside the US usually need to have something called a zone record added on our end before you can map the domain to your blog.

    I have added this zone record for you so you can move forward with the process now.

    I noticed that your name servers aren’t pointed here yet, so you’ll need to make that change at your registrar before mapping the domain here. The name servers need to be set to:


    This support page provides details on the full process for using your custom domain name here:

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.



    Maybe we have to upgrade to pro to be able to use our domain?

    No – the staff have added the required zone record for you – the “Pro” includes domain name registration and domain mapping but WordPress.COM only supports a few Top Level Domains (.com, .org and a few others) .no domain names can’t be registered here, but they can be mapped here



    Thanks so much for the answers. But my registrar still says that wordpress’ servers must “answer” (reroute?) the domain name before they can forward it.

    Sorry I don’t know the correct words in English. It’s difficult enough in Norwegian. :)

    I have done it once before on my own private domain, but that domain was parked and I had no problem doing it then.

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