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Adding a Page w/ CSS

  1. I have a code from flickr that I want to add to a new page on my site; this code involves CSS. I go into the HTML, paste the code I copied from flickr, and then when I hit SAVE parts of the code disappear.

    In particular, the following line is one that gets deleted when I save:
    <style type="text/css">

    So, when you look at the page I added all you can see is parts of code...

    Please help!

  2. Have you purchased an upgrade so you can customize your css? Unless you have done so you cannot alter your theme at all. We are on a shared MU (multi-user) blogging platform at and the programming will strip out any frames, styles, or javascript.
    I think you might get a lot from reading the "Please read before posting on the forum" pink sticky at the head of the forum. It compares the differences between having a blog and having a web hosted or self hosted blog at

  3. Nearly all styling gets removed from code and any in css blocks such as yours will definitely disappear.

    Best thing you can do is post with the effect you are trying to get and see if anyone can help with that.

  4. Okay...I did purchase the upgrade to be able to modify the CSS - I pasted the code I got from Flickr, but it still removes the CSS blocks for some reason. And I did read the "Please read before..." sticky so now what?

    I added a page to my site, pasted the code directly, expected the CSS to no longer disappear, but it did...HELP!

  5. To clarify, I wasn't really trying to modify the CSS of my current theme...I was just trying to add a page to my blog & the code I was inputting on that particular page had CSS that was disappearing...

  6. Okat then it seems fair to say this is a backend issue IMO and that means that volunteers on the forum probably can't help you so you'll have to send in a feedback.

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