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    I do not know the correct terminology, so will use plain English.

    On my “main page”, I post my formal papers. People can comment. When I write a new paper, it is added to the top of the page. Readers can scroll down to read earlier papers and post comments.

    But my formal papers take a long time to write. So I want to add a “Daily Commentary” feature where I briefly comment on the issue of the day. My idea is that this will operate the same way as my “main page”. BUT, I can’t make it work. When I try to post a new commentary, it takes the previous commentary off the page.

    Is what I want to do possible? How (in plain English!)?
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    We need a link beginning with http to the blog in question to provide you with an accurate answer.



    There are two ways that you could achieve close to what you want:

    1) Create a separate blog for your daily comments. You can link this to your main blog using custom menus. You can also use an RSS widget in your widget column listing your last few daily comments on your main blog.

    2) mark all your formal papers with one tag or category and all your daily notes with another. Set up custom menus to list pages in tbe catagoris or tags as appropriate. Set a static home page that has welcoming text and links to your categories.

    Neither does exactly as you want, the first needs two blogs, so you will have two sets of statistics, etc. The second almost gets there but needs a static home page instead of having your papers on the home page.



    Wow! Thank you for the responses and the help! Here is my blog:

    Meanwhile I will see if I can work thru Tandava 108’s suggestions.



    If I had your site:

    1) Use the More Tag to shorten what is on your front page – shorten what is on the front page to a couple of paragraphs so it is not so tedious to page down – makes it easier to see where your main articles start and what they are about. Your site is tedious for me to read.

    2) With the above your site would be easier to read – then go ahead and put your daily or what ever Posts also on the front page – I would not worry about mixing things – then visitors to your site always see fresh newest content –

    3) Use the Custom Menus as noted above with Categories to sort your Posts / Articles onto a “Page” that lists them with a summery.

    Your site would be easier to read – I use the More Tag very aggressively and try to craft the first paragraph or two that show on the main page to interest visitors to my site and Post / Article – the More Tag lets people page down quickly and only look at the Posts they want to see.



    Thank you so much for the helpful suggestions! I will study the linked info and see what I can do. Thank you again for sharing your expertise.

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