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Adding a photo to sidebar

  1. Is there a way to add a photo to my sidebar?

  2. Yes, add a new text widgit to your sidebar.
    Upload the picture you want into your wordpress gallery.
    Make sure the size of the photo will fit into the sidebar. Say, like 180-200 pixels wide.
    Copy the url to the picture.
    Open your new text widgit from your dashboard.
    Use the image html code around your url...
    '<img src="YOUR URL HERE"
    Accept changes to your widgit.
    Close widgit.
    Refresh your blog.
    Your photo should be there.

  3. Damn, the last part of the html code didn't post....
    it is '

  4. sorry, forgot the backtick

    `<img src="YOUR URL HERE"

  5. xtap59 seems to be having trouble getting the full code to post.
    It is < img src="your url here" > but omit the first and last spaces (leave the one between "img" and "src"

  6. To be absolutely precise, you should have a /at the end
    <img src="yoururlhere"/>

  7. I think it must be:
    <img src="URL"></a>

  8. I am technically challenged and for some reason this is not working. Any suggestions?

  9. I did get the last post from panaghiotisadam to work. Thanks!

  10. I am trying to post an image award and do not know if I do it the same as above and how to get the url

  11. @judicreations: Please be more specific. In a post or in the sidebar? Have you uploaded the image?

  12. I would like to add an "award" image into the sidebar. To upload the pic do I use the WRITE and then upload it and save it? I have done that. I read the instrutions above to copy the url but I'm not sure what that would be either.

  13. "copy the url to the picture" I don't understand that part...what is the url of the do I determine that?

  14. But there have been some recent changes in the uploader: the URL won't automatically show up anymore unless you've set it so in Settings > Media > Default media links.

    Go to your post editor, click Add an Image, click Media Library, click "Show" for the particular image, click "File URL" to get the URL.

  15. That's a good point, thanks.

  16. Thank you...panaghiotisadam and worked! Whew. Thank you for all your help...I thought I would never get it!

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