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    I was recently visiting a website that says it’s powered by wordpress and they have a really nice gallery page and I’d love to get something similar on my site. Their gallery has a sidebar listing all of their photoalbumns on flickr and when you click on one, thumbnails appear in the center of the page. When you click on a photo from those thumbnails a popup window appears showing a larger version of that photo. It’s really nice that you don’t have to leave their site to view their flickr gallery and I was wondering how this was accomplished. (Here is the page so you can see what I mean: ).

    I’m considering mapping my domain name here and buying extra storage but I don’t want to invest any money until I’ve figured out if the site can do all the things I want it too. I love how easy WordPress is to use but I really wish you could have more than one page with scrolling posts. Then I could have a gallery page and a blog page. I’m willing to pay more for that option!

    Anyway, any help would be appreciated!



    Unfortunately you’ve just hit one of the limitations (and misunderstandings) of WordPress.

    The blog that you are viewing is not hosted here at but is self hosted. Yes, they are using the WP software, but it’s a different version and they have the ability to do whatever they want.

    We are very limited to what we can do here and if you want to be able to “easily” do things like this then I suggest that you have a peek at

    More information on the differences between and are available in the FAQ and the sticky at the top of the forum.




    Thanks for the response, though it wasn’t what I had hoped to hear :)!

    Do you know much about I glanced briefly at the site and am wondering how it works. You just download the wordpress software & upload it to a server? Does the wordpress software cost? Do you get the same templates? Is it going to be as easy to use as (or at least not hugely complicated & time consuming?) I’m not against putting a little effort into creating my site but I’m a little nervous having been burned badly by my current host (Bravenet). I want something I don’t have to be a technowizard to use! :) My current hosting is up next month and I need to have a plan for where I plan to move.

    Thanks again for the help!



    I can tell by your questions that you don’t clearly understand th separation and differences between and Blogs here are all hosted by and we are more restricted on this software than software. We have a selection of themes to choose from but we do not have access to the files for the underlying templates and cannot edit them.

    Software downloaded from is free of charge. This is the link to the “Please read me first” sticky post at the head of the forum

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