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    Hi! I’ve just finished configuring my new wordpress blog but wanted to add some functionality to it. I need to randomly get an image from a directory and display it on a page! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a plugin to fit my needs so I found the following PHP script and did a bit of editing to make it work for me. However, I don’t know where I can add it so that it is accessible through all of my wordpress pages D:! I tried to add it to the function.php file, but that simply broke my blog, and it didn’t display anything. Is there an easy way that I can add this to one of the core or template specific .php files so that I can call the previewImage() function at will in my posts?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

    Heres mah script:

    function previewImage($directory){
    $folder = $directory;

    // Space seperated list of extensions, you probably won’t have to change this.
    $exts = ‘jpg jpeg png gif’;

    $files = array(); $i = -1; // Initialize some variables
    if (” == $folder) $folder = ‘./’;

    $handle = opendir($folder);
    $exts = explode(‘ ‘, $exts);
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
    foreach($exts as $ext) { // for each extension check the extension
    if (preg_match(‘/\.’.$ext.’$/i’, $file, $test)) { // faster than ereg, case insensitive
    $files[] = $file; // it’s good
    closedir($handle); // We’re not using it anymore
    mt_srand((double)microtime()*1000000); // seed for PHP < 4.2
    $rand = mt_rand(0, $i); // $i was incremented as we went along

    $random_pic = $folder.$files[$rand];



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