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Adding a podcast video

  1. Greetings,

    I am having a problem adding a short video podcast from my bliptv account to my blog. I have followed the steps from bliptv by copying the embeded code and after going to my blog, then selecting the HTML tab on new posts I copy and paste my podcast video, the only thing that shows up is the text I've included introducing the video?? I have used this same procedure on another video and it shows up with no problem. I thought maybe the width, and height of the Example: 450 width X 990 Height had something to do with it, but after changing them in the embeded code to what the other video was it also did not solve the problem. I want to add podcast videos to my blog but don't understand why I can't copy some codes and not others.. Please help : )
    My blog is

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Greetings,</p> <p>This was the bliptv embeded code I used, I thought I would send it to add to my 1st post asking for help in case you needed more info on my question. The funny thing is I can post it in an email, and it can be viewed as my introduction podcast, but when entering it in my blog with the html tab pressed it will not show up ??</p> <p>Thanks again..<br /></p> <p><iframe src="" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" style="display:none"></embed

  3. There are two ways to add a video to your free hosted blog. See here >

  4. Hi timetheif,

    I appreciate the help, but usually I write to the help column when I have exhausted all the obvious things. I have done that, it still won't load. Did you read both of my post's? Is the embeded code look like something that will post? I can open the embeded code for the podcast video in a regular email but not when I post it.
    Yes, I had the html tab selected. I went to the share tab on bliptv and it will load as a link, but not embeded. If I load as a link, will it eat up bandwidth? I loaded through bliptv not through wordpress, it's not stored in my media file. I would rather load as an embeded code. Also can I load it as a word link that refers to dream works wood shop introduction and not the actual video. so viewers need to click on the link to open it. Thanks in advance..

  5. If it works as a link, just use the link embed system, not the iframe embed system.

    Bandwidth is NEVER an issue at Don't sweat it. You are just making a mistake about the way and Blip work. WHY do you want to use the embed code, which does not work, rather than the link, which does? Again: there is no bandwidth issue or limitation at

  6. Thanks raincoaster,

    That's the route I was going to use. I've heard different things about bandwidth and didn't want to eat up space. I assume if it's not uploaded to a media file in WP its no different then a link.. I appreciate the help .. : ) Have a great week..

  7. I think the problem comes from the "%" in your link. I guess after inserting the iframe code it has been transformed in something like :


    There is a "%" in this link. I have the problem with my own video which has the embed link

    My other videos from blip on my blog work fine.

    Where should we report this bug ?

  8. This is the notice at the Support link:

    Support will be closed over the weekend. We will reopen on Monday morning, March 19th.

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