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    I tried and tried but could not insert a poll I created into a post I just wrote. I’ve read the support page about Polls. I didn’t see any “Send to Editor” when I created the poll. I can’t direct you to the post because I trashed it–Ive never hidden a post so I was afraid it would show (it did when I checked) without the poll, and make no sense. Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is



    i have the same issue…any ideas?



    You only have to paste the code into the post via HTML if it’s a Poll-daddy poll .
    I have done it many times, though not lately…so,I can’t say if there maybe an issue currently? Anyway, if you load it in the place that you want it to be seen, in the post, while using the HTML instead of the View Editing format it should show up immediately upon publishing.



    The only advice I can offer is that I have used the instructions in the support documentation with success. Perhaps if you two could break down for us step by step at which point things broke down for you we could then provide a helping hand.



    Timethief, I know this isn’t the place for me to be asking unrelated questions, or ( Taking a Poll ) pardon the pun. But, what area of the Forum, can I openly discuss…say, get a forum topic going, to get a collective opinion on a certain …well, a certain traffic tracing widget?


    @marcys: Please search the forum before asking questions; your question has been answered repeatedly.

    “Send to Editor” shows up when you create a poll via the poll button of the post or page editor. When you create it via the poll button of the dashboard sidebar, there can be no “send to editor”. You click “Share-Embed”, copy the WordPress Shortcode, paste it in the html editor of a post or a page (or in a text widget).



    I was getting frustrated just as you were trying to figure this out. Here’s what to do, step-by-step:

    1) Select POLLS
    2) Select ADD NEW
    3) Create your poll, select your design, and then select SAVE POLL on the upper-right corner.
    4) On the left side, select POLLS and then select EDIT.
    5) Mouse-over to the poll you want to use and select SHARE-EMBED.
    6) Highlight and select everything in the WORDPRESS SHORTCODE field, including the open and close brackets.
    7) On the left side, select APPEARANCE and then select WIDGETS.
    8) Drag the TEXT widget to your sidebar on the right side of the screen.
    9) Click the down arrow button on the TEXT widget.
    10) Enter a name for your poll in the TITLE field.
    11) In the box below it, copy the contents of step 6 above.
    12) Select SAVE.
    13) Refresh your site, and you should see your poll.

    Hope this helps!!



    Thanks so much for sharing your walk through. :)

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