Adding a Progress Bar Plugin to .com Blogs

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    As you can tell by my blog, I’m an author. I’ve got several works in progress both on the writing and editing fronts, and right now I have no direct way of showing that without putting silly little stinger lines at the end of each blog post I make to note their present status.

    I looked at the widgets available, and none of them included a progress bar. I looked at plug-ins, and found this one rather easily. It does exactly what I would like, but since it’s not standard included it’s unavailable to me at present.

    Beyond just authors, a progress bar type plug-in would be good for fundraisers, project progress, and the like. It could have much broader appeal than simply authors, and this is why I think it should be considered for built-in inclusion to .com blogs.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,

    All support docs are here
    Type plugins into the searchbox there and you will discover what follows.

    There is no FTP access and no blogger installed plugin capability on free hosted blogs.

    See here for a full comparison vs.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase here that provides FTP access and the ability to install plugins and or any third party themes.
    If you want FTP access and to install plugins or third party themes into a site then you will have to hire a web host and set up your own install.



    I appreciate the answer, but I already looked at all of those links. I am suggesting adding a plug-in to the standard list, not asking if I can add a specific plug-in.

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