adding a que for later reference

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    Often I read cooking blogs which will have interesting recipes. I think to myself, “Ide like to try that” I make a plan to remember it or jot it down. Then I forget about it. Forever.

    I have often wished wordpress had a button called “add post to que” similar to a movie list type of que. I could click it and then the post title would be saved as a link I could go to directly. It would be a good way to keep tabs on various posts like recipees etc. (the like button, just doesnt do this in the way Im describing) as I tend to click the like button often but not with an intention to return.

    The blog I need help with is



    You could try PressThis or Reblog and save it as a Draft, but what I do is post the link to Tumblr and tag it appropriately (tagging is key there, as it’s impossible to find things otherwise). I use my Tumblr like a filing cabinet. Here are the instructions:

    Here are reblogs on Tumblr and compared:

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