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Adding a second static page

  1. Hello there..

    I created a sample blog to 'feel the waters' so to speak. I found WordPress simply too amusing. I have a query though, is it possible to create a two static pages in a blog develop in WordPress?

    Great day.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Theoretically, you can have an unlimited number of static pages on a site.

  3. If you haven't yet, you will want to review the tutorial for new users as well as get familiar with the official Support documentation at

  4. Thanks justgorgeous. Will review the link.

    If you don't mind a follow-up question - for the blogsite created in, is it possible to provide link as a regular blog post?


  5. Not sure what you mean by "a link as a regular blog post". Can you give an example?

  6. Sorry.. what i meant was instead of writing for a blog post I will provide a link instead and only an excerpt of that link appears unless click by the reader. The blog would appear something like in this site


  7. A link to what? Linking a lot to offsite content instead of writing your posts here is an almost sure-fire way to get your site suspended.

    If you mean that when you publish a post and do not want the entire post to appear on the front page of your site, you can use the "More" tag to shorten the display of content on the front page.

    The "More" tag provides a link on the front page for readers to click on to read the rest of the post you've written. See here:

  8. Thanks Just... that helps. Will appreciateto drop by your site. God blest.

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