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Adding a shopping page to my WordPress site?

  1. Hi! I've had a wordpress site for a few months that I've only used sporadically for blogging. Lately I've been thinking of using it more often and if I do I wanted to add a page for shopping as a way to direct people who visit my blog to also visit my online shops at cafepress and zazzle. Reading through some things here at the forum leads me to believe that this is against the rules at . Do I have to leave here (maybe buy a site through one of the hosts listed at order to be able to have a shopping page? I don't want to put a ton of effort into making my site the way I want it and then find out I've violated rules and have to take it down.

  2. You've been led to believe correctly. To sell things you need to be self-hosted.

  3. That's what I was afraid of. Does anyone here recommend one of the hosts listed at ? I was considering blue host or AN host. Also, does the software work just like it does here? I love the ease of uploading things with the desktop feature here.

  4. Also wanted to ask if anyone here thinks that typepad might be an even better way to go?

  5. This is a link at that has a listing of hosts:

    I'm using and am quite happy with them.

  6. Here is the one most marketers use:
    It has everything you'd ever want, including great customer support. Inexpensive too. Hope this helps you.

  7. Thanks! I'll start looking into those.

  8. You might want to contact staff here first. They've recently rewritten the FAQ and selling things is not necessarily such a blog killer as it used to be, especially if the blog has real content, not just BUY THIS THING, BUY THIS OTHER THING. Contact them through your dashboard Support button during their office hours and run it by them.

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