Adding a shortcode for Storify embeds

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    I recently used Storify to curate information about a local event. Storify, for those who don’t know, is a kind of live blogging tool that lets you aggregate information from Twitter and all over the web into one place. These dynamic ‘stories’ can then be embedded in any website that supports JavaScript.

    I would very much have liked to embed the story in my blog like this, but of course doesn’t support JS. Storify does provide another method for WP users, but it results in a static blob of bloated HTML code.

    Can we please have a [storify] shortcode that results in a Storify embed?



    seconded! It’s a big gap (unless there’s another way of doing so that I’m not aware of)


    The ’embed’ codes given on Storify just make a link in WordPress. Very annoying – does anyone know anymore about this?



    Yes: it can’t be done, for security reasons. If you want to request Storify get the go-ahead from WP to be approved for embedding, contact staff via your dashboard Help button.

    In the meantime, if it’s just tweets, you can just paste them in your blog and the built in Blackbird Pie functionality will make them display. You can add other media via whatever appropriate methods exist for that medium.

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