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    i’ve been trying to add this using a text widget but nothing happens. i’ve read in the forums that iframes are not allowed.. is there a work around for this or am i really prohibited from using a shoutbox?

    here is my code:

    <!– BEGIN CBOX – –>
    <div id=”cboxdiv” align=”center”>
    <iframe frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”2″ marginwidth=”2″ height=”305″ src=”” id=”cboxmain” scrolling=”auto” style=”border:#ababab 1px solid;” width=”160″ allowtransparency=”yes” name=”cboxmain”></iframe><br/>
    <iframe frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”2″ marginwidth=”2″ height=”75″ src=”” id=”cboxform” scrolling=”no” style=”border:#ababab 1px solid;border-top:0px” width=”160″ allowtransparency=”yes” name=”cboxform”></iframe>
    <!– END CBOX –>



    You may want to do a search in teh forums for both shoutbox and iframe as both topics have been covered previously many times over. iframes are security risks. Here’s a post about what you can pass though an iframe.

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