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Adding A Side List

  1. 24hourcoffeepeople

    My blog, 24hourcoffeepeople, is a novel in progress and I want to add a character list on the side...but am such a blog dummy I can't work out how to do it....can anyone point me in the right direction at simple terms! Thank you in advance.

  2. can we get a link to your wordpress.COM blog

  3. 24hourcoffeepeople

  4. Just insert your characters into a text widget

    dashboard > appearance > widgets > choose text widget > write stuff in the text widget


  5. 24hourcoffeepeople

    Thank you so much! x

  6. your welcome

  7. (Grammar alert) OK, now you are doing the same as tech. Your is possessive. You're is a contraction, short for you are. So in this case, it should be you're not your. (/Grammar alert)

  8. I know, I know but I can't help it its just easier to type "your". I realized my mistake a while ago
    I will try to not me as lazy and put "you're", so...

    You're Welcome :)

  9. You could always use "yore."

  10. yore it is

  11. "Yore"?

  12. yore |yôr|
    noun (in phrase of yore) poetic/literary
    of long ago or former times (used in nostalgic or mock-nostalgic recollection) : a great empire in days of yore.

  13. Yeah, but what does "of long ago or former times" welcome mean? :)

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