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    I’m pretty new to blogging and the really technical stuff, and I can’t figure out how to add a StumbleUpon button, even though they have instructions on their website. This is what the website says to do:

    Tips for adding StumbleUpon badges

    * Edit single.php of your WordPress theme.
    * Find the following line (or similar line, depending on your theme file) in single.php or theloop.php:
    <?php the_content(“<p class=serif>Read the rest of this entry</p>”); ?>
    * Immediately after the line, add the code above:
    * Save and upload single.php back to your WordPress theme folder. Done!

    How do I do that? How do I “edit single.php of [my] WordPress theme”? I’m sorry if I sound ignorant, but that sentence makes no sense to me. Can someone please explain it to me?


    The blog I need help with is


    If the StumbleUpon button requires modifying single.php you won’t be able to do this on a blog. does not support modifying the core template files (such as single.php).

    If you’d like readers to be able share your posts on StumbleUpon you could still use AddThis, which is supported. More information at:



    Check out this post sovereignfugue. IT explains that we cannot use stumble it’s only for Timethief gives another option though.



    I use GetSocialLive which is specially designed for


    Thanks all, I really like the style of the buttons, but, alas, I still can’t figure out how to actually put it on my blog!! I feel so inept. I went to their website, but I’m not sure what they mean when they ask for the “post title” and “post permalink” I have to fill out both boxes, but isn’t one for having a permanent link on the page and one for just having it on one post? Do I have to do this every time I post?

    Anyway, I put my blog’s title in the “post title” box and my blog link ( in the “post permalink” and hit the “get social” button… That made a box appear full of code with no instructions on what I’m supposed to do with that code, only another button reading “send to clipboard”, whatever that means…

    I’m so lost, please help!



    Copy that code:

    Go to your blog appearance:

    Click Widgets

    Select Text

    Drag Text to position you want it to appear on your blog (sidebar) etc

    Open text box

    paste in the code


    Go back to site and enjoy it’s beauty



    Hooray! Thank you so much, it worked ^.^



    Now you have to come over to Atomic Gator and subscribe :-)



    You know it ‘appears’ like I know what I’m doing but I really don’t. I’m trying to read the boards a lot and it helps. Glad it worked for you, a day or two earlier I would have been no help. lol


    Ha, yeah, sometimes I can figure stuff out that way, but sometimes I look at all the words and they muddle in my brain and I can’t think properly.



    @sovereignfugue and atomicgator

    No it did not work! atomicgator led you off into the ozone layer.

    The strip of getsociallive social bookmarks is not for sidebar placement. It is for placement at the end of your posts. Placing that strip that was not meant for sidebar use there in the sidebar of the blog is ineffectual.

    These social bookmarks are designed to be specific to each blog title and URL.
    That’s why we must create a new one for each individual post we publish.
    We go to the getsocilivelive site and enterr the title of the individual post and the URL for the individual post.
    We select a button style and click “getsocial”.
    The code appears and then we copy that HTML code into the HTML editor at the end of our posts and publish them.
    Then we have useful specific social bookmarks linked to URLs of our blog posts because they automatically update twitter, and our readers can use them to tweet our individual posts and submit our individual posts to social networks.



    ANY social bookmarking buttons in your sidebar will only link to your blog as a whole: they won’t link to each post, nor will most people click on them.

    The Getsocial links are designed to be put in your actual posts. Write the post, click to the HTML editor, paste the code at the very bottom of the post, and hit Publish.



    May I ask what the purpose is of doing any or all of the above?

    Lifey who does not understand why



    Stumble it! (see bottom of this post)

    Specific post or page
    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""> <img border="0" src="" alt=""> Stumble It! </a></p>

    A whole-blog StumbleUpon button might be displayed (sticky-post or a text-widget for instance)
    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href=""> <img border="0" src="" alt=""> Stumble It! </a></p>



    sorry for leading you off to the ozone layer! :-)



    The purpose is to provide social networking buttons on the end of each posts so that our readers can use them to submit our posts to social networks. When they do that the number of people who are aware of our posts increases and traffic and the number comments may also increase.



    Thanks for posting the code we can use for submission to stumbleupon.



    Hello, Timethief! It’s a pleasure. Thanks to you ;-)



    Sorry…. off topic, but not sure where to post.


    I find your site most helpful but when I am looking for something specific, I seem not to be able to find it. I put the word into ‘search’, but nothing relevant comes up…. does this mean that what I am looking for, is not covered.

    Find that hard to believe, as you seem to cover everything!

    Neither can I find a ‘contact’ link.

    Lifey who is on a learning curve



    Search boxes on our blogs are not accurate. I prefer to use Google search. The format is simple (no space after the colon) and substitute any word or phrase for “blogging tips”

    type in
    blogging tips
    click search

    My contact form is on this page – scroll down

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