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Adding a table

  1. commradjournal

    Hey all,

    I am trying to add a table to my blog. I am a DJ for a local community radio station and want to post my playlists, which are in my word processor as a multiple column table. When I cut and paste the columns I want and put them in the WordPress editor, everything disappears except the last row!

    Any ideas what is happening or how to best accomplish this? I will also say that I tried saving the tables as HTML tables and putting those in, but that didn't work either.

  2. You have to type raw HTML:

    <table><br /> <tr><br /> <td>row 1 column 1</td><td>row 1 column 2</td><br /> </tr><br /> <tr><br /> <td>row 2 column 1</td><td row 2 column 2</td><br /> </tr><br /> </table>

    and you can't use any style, row, border, cellpadding, etc. attributes.

  3. The theme usually has it's own border, style, cellpadding, etc. set for tables. Each one displays tables differently.

  4. commradjournal

    Hmmmm...well I guess I will stick with Blogger for that application then. I can just cut and paste straight from the word processor and it comes out OK. Thanks

  5. And that's why Blogger is unsecure. :)

  6. hi comradd

    you can still do the cut and paste method here but onto paint, saving it as jpeg before uploading it to your post. that's what i did with my tables.

  7. commradjournal

    I'll try that one :-) Thanks for the tip!

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