adding a top and bottom graphic to the sidebar of ‘kubrick’

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    i’m trying to hack a version of kubrick and insert all my own graphics, (I know… already read about not using kubrick if you’re a noob to editing…. DOH) and I have a background graphic that contains the sidebar(kubrickbg.jpg), but I have made 2 more graphics the same width and height as kubrickbg with a curvy edged top to the bar, and a bottom.

    is there anyway I can easily make these sit at the top and bottom of the page?

    I guess the topper graphic could site just under the header, and the bottom graphic sit on the footer, and the kubrickbg fill the middle space.

    also, is there anyway to make the sidebar only as long as the content it contains?

    any help would be appreciated.




    You are in the wrong place. This forum is for users of hosted blogs. Make your request here at the forum.

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