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    I’m trying to add a widget from . it tells you to navigate to your “options” page and click the “share this” tab, but I’m not seeing an “options” page anywhere, much less a “share this” tab. can someone help me out?



    Sharethis requires javascript to be allowed or a plugin installed. Neither is the case with

    Also I suggest you take a look at this page:



    how come javascript is not enabled on wordpress? will it be in the future? has some really cool widgets I’d love to put in my blog but I can’t because they use javascript which is currently unsupported by, and I’m not tech savvy enough to use with a web host……..

    Athena of athenivanidx



    athenivandx – normally I’d say search the forums but the search thingee isn’t working properly. Javascript is not enabled here for security reasons. Volunteers in the forums aren’t privy to the plans here but if I were betting, I’d say not ever.



    the lack of java makes me very tempted to jump the good ship wordpress ship and switch to a more amenable user platform (… blogger…?). java-based widgets are both so much more sleek and the gold standard when it comes to the variety of widgets used across the web.


    Try the “Add This” widget. It’s very easy to put on your blog–and it connects to 36 social media sites. For detailed instructions, click here:



    No widgets here baby. Need to have java enable and that is not present at WordPress at least on the free side. Try Blogger you can add as many widgets as you wish!

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    gervis, please do not leave spam links in your signatures. Your blog has already been reported for violating the Terms of Service by offering paid advertising. You would be much happier at Blogger, so go there.

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