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    I really want to have this widget included on my wordpress blog.

    I tried adding the widget code to a text widget, but it didnt work.

    Is it possible to install this on a wordpress blog?



    nope, you cant upload widgets to the blog.

    You can send in feedback requesting the widget and giving reasons why you want it. Upto staff whether they add it though, however they’ve not added any of the other widgets or other suport thats been requested yet so i woulnt hold your breath


    that’s pretty weak.



    Have you reviewed the terms of service, particularly the bits about advertising and selling? I think you may want to do that, and then review the Read Me First thread at the top of the forum.



    I would love more widgets. I’ve used my alotment of nine text widgets and I could easily use another dozen. Oh well.



    Are you aware that the 5 badges you have at the top of your sidebar could all be contained within the same text widget? I’m thinking that if placed them all in one text widget instead of separate text widgets you would then have 4 more to work with. I’m also thinking that if you reduced the size of these badges/images they would take up far less space in your sidebar.



    Props on TT. That would be the best thing to do. Squeeze your text widgets all together and save the rest for your future use.



    How do I get a space between each widget? I don’t know a lot of HTML code, but I tried to use the /br code – it didn’t work.



    <br />

    You probably aren’t entering it correctly.



    Duh. That’s exactly what I was doing wrong … I was putting it in as </br>. Thank you.


    You’re welcome. :-)

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