adding a widget makes others ones disappear?

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    I suspect my chosen theme has a default setting to display all widgets. I just created my new blog and on my admin pages it shows NO widgets selected. So I chose to add a text widget to create a Contact/mailto link – and when I did so, alll the other widgets (calendar, pages, archives, blogroll etc) disappeared! So I removed the one seleced widget and then they all came back. Am I missing something?


    Most themes have a default set of widgets. Once you add one yourself, you take over: the default set is cancelled, as you saw, and you are free to add whatever widgets you want.

    But note that some themes have some functions built-in, i.e. non-removable (most notably the search box).

    Also note that you can change the order of your widgets by dragging anyone above or below others.



    I think the theme just displays them as a suggestion. To make them stick, you just add the ones you want.


    @boblets: There we go again…



    Thanks much. This forum rocks. I’ve asked 2 questions today and had great (and fast) answers. Hope I can contribute here and help others once I get the dunce cap off. Thanks again!


    Welcome to our company!

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